A new rideshare service gives commuters options

Jamie Forzato, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Those residents who need a ride to work or an out-of-town business trip have a new option.

A new service in our area has launched a unique way to get around.

Amovens, a free ride-sharing website, allows members to sell the unoccupied seats in their cars to others looking for a ride.

If a member is looking for passengers to offset transportation costs, they post their travel plans to the message board and the number of available seats in the car or truck.

If a member is looking for a ride, they can type where they would like to go and how much they’re willing to pay, and then Amovens matches them with a driver.

The service connects local travelers for both short and long distance trips.

The website says it helps drivers and passengers save money by allowing each member to set their own price and negotiate between themselves. There’s an option to rate and comment on the driving experience afterwards.

The company says they keep records of members’ license plates for safety reasons.

The Washington Examiner reports the company has about 200 registered users in the DC area.

The carpool service is available in 15 cities in the United States and two in Canada.

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