Telecommuters favor more work, less commute

Neal Augenstein,

URBANA, Md. – Changing technology and employer attitudes are enabling more workers to telecommute at least one day a week, according to U.S. census figures.

Many commuters waiting to board a bus at a Park and Ride lot off Interstate 270 say they telecommute occasionally, and appreciate the chance to avoid driving to work.

“I telecommute two days a week,” says a federal worker, who notes the government is taking a lead in workplace flexibility.

He believes his work quantity and quality don’t suffer when he telecommutes.

“You’re focused on what you’re supposed to do and with technology you’re connected to everyone at the office.”

One commuter says her current job as a researcher isn’t conducive to telecommuting — a shame, she says, since she has to travel 35 miles each way to and from work.

According to

People who combine telecommuting with office work earn more money than those who work exclusively from home or at the job site, according to Census analysts.

It’s not for everyone though.

“I like going downtown,” says one commuter waiting for the bus. “I can’t concentrate as much at home. There’s too many distractions — the dog, the telephone — it’s just not conducive to working.”

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