Sick of Jack o’ lanterns? Inspired ideas for inventive pumpkins

Buying pumpkins is the first step to inspired Halloween decorations. WTOP/Kristi King

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Pumpkins are popping up on porches all around town and there are some cool ways to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Skip the traditional toothy Jack O’ Lantern and try one of the unique pumpkin designs put together by EveryDay with Rachael Ray magazine.

If you have some marbles around the house, drill holes in a hollowed out pumpkin and push the marbles into the holes. Put a real or battery-powered candle inside and the marbles will glow.

Many of the designs don’t involve any carving at all. For instance, for a really striking look, paint a black and white checkerboard design on a pumpkin and glue chess pieces in some of the squares.

Salute your favorite NFL team by painting a pumpkin to look like a helmet. Choose a second smaller pumpkin and paint it to look like a football.

And if you’re the rebellious type, make a “punk-in” complete with a blue felt mohawk hairstyle and temporary tattoos.

Here’s a slide show of the designs with photos and directions.

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