Shock rockers GWAR take on Kansas (VIDEO)

Lead singer Dave \'\'Oderus Urungus\'\' Brockie can reinterpret even the most delicate balads. (Photo courtesy

WASHINGTON – The 1990s’ most notorious costumed horror/SciFi thrash-metal band is back, this time performing a more delicate, Neapolitan- chord ballad in a chromatic minor.

In short, GWAR sings “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas.

The performance was a part of‘s Undercover sessions, a project in which unlikely bands perform covers of one of 25 famous songs. Other participants include the Screaming Females covering Sheryl Crow, and Deer Tick singing a Harvey Danger song.

The members of GWAR, founded in Richmond, Va., lovingly describe themselves as “the epitome of an art-rock band.” Since the 1980s, they have performed barbarous songs such as “America Must Be Destroyed” and “War Is all We Know” that correspond to their diabolical monster costumes made of rubber and foam.

When asked why they chose Kansas from the AVClub list for their performance, lead singer Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie expatiates on “that derivative crappy ’70s crappy crap crap crap rock.”

“Kansas was a big part of music where bands were often named after geographical locations,” he tells AVClub. “Let’s hope that never happens again because, quite frankly, those band suck.”

He went on to describe “that guy in the band who had hair like a pyrimad,” which “would have gone up like Chernobyl if you held a lighter to that.”

Check out their performance:

Editor’s note: This video contains language some readers may find inappropriate.

GWAR covers Kansas

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