Sandusky releases statement prior to sentencing

WASHINGTON – Jerry Sandusky released a defiant audio recording to psucomradio.com on Monday evening from his jail cell in Bellefonte, Pa. Below is a transcript of his statement. To the right is the audio version.

    “I’m responding to the worst loss of my life.

    First, I looked at myself. Over and over, I asked why? Why didn’t we have a fair opportunity to prepare for trial?

    Why have so many people suffered as a result of false allegations? What’s the purpose? Maybe it will help others; some vulnerable children who could be abused, might not be because of all the publicity. That would be nice, but I’m not sure about it. I would cherish the opportunity to become a candle for others, as they have been a light for me.

    They could take away my life, they could make me out as a monster, they could treat me as a monster, but they can’t take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged disgusting acts.

    My wife has been my only sex partner that was after marriage. Our love continues.

    A young man who was dramatic a veteran accuser, and always sought attention, started everything. He was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won.

    I’ve wondered what they really won: Attention, financial gain, prestige

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