Pepco admits billing error caused higher fees for some customers

WASHINGTON – Pepco says a billing glitch has resulted in higher than normal bills for a number of customers in Montgomery County.

Most of the erroneous bills are in the Northwood Park-Four Corners area of Silver Spring, Md, according to Pepco.

Pepco spokeswoman Myra Oppel says the utility company is investigating the issue.

“We’re calling each of the affected customers, we’re cancelling the incorrect bills and we’ll re-bill based on actual ratings,” Oppel says.

Oppel says the problem emerged in an area where customers are being switched from standard meters to new “smart meters.” She adds that the billing errors are not a result of the new meters, but are due to Pepco’s reliance on estimated bills during the meter transition process.

Pepco customer Bob Loube says his bill for the period of mid-August to mid-September was double the normal rate. Loube, says he called Pepco to see what the problem was, and he had to speak to three people at Pepco before he could get his bill adjusted.

Pepco officials are still checking to see exactly how many customers have been affected.

Pepco is asking customers who receive higher than normal bills to call 202.833.7500, and Pepco will adjust the bill.

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