Huntington residents get thumbs up to return home

The Georgetown waterfront is seen before high tide on the Potomac River. (WTOP/Mark Segraves)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Fairfax County gave Huntington residents the thumbs up to return to their homes Tuesday, and told those living in the Belle View/New Alexandria area that no flooding was imminent.

Word that no flooding was expected came after Tuesday morning’s high tide.

Just before high tide, Fairfax County Chairwoman Sharon Bulova told WTOP she was “cautiously optimistic” that Huntington would escape more damage.

Bulova said the county was closely watching the Belle View/New Alexandria to see whether evacuations would be needed if the George Washington Parkway flooded.

Fairfax County on Monday evacuated 46 people from Huntington, which is known to flood.

“Water got up into the road, but it didn’t get into the houses,” Steve Aitcheson, director of Fairfax County’s maintenance and stormwater management division, told WTOP Tuesday morning.

Huntington received 5 inches of rain. Predictions for the area were for 5 to 10 inches of rain.

In Fairfax County, Bulova says Sandy damaged 52 homes and forced dozens of roads to close.

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