Grocery prices to be slashed for the holidays

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON – Pantry-friendly grocery prices are about to kick in over the holidays.

Seasonal trends suggest shoppers will see half price butter, a dollar or two off sugar, crackers for a dollar or less and frozen veggies as low as fifty cents a bag.

Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of expected grocery store holiday gifts that also includes great deals on cake mixes.

Prices for some canned goods might be slashed in half or better. The week after a holiday look for turkey, chicken and ham prices to plummet.

Readers Digest also predicts the price of oil for frying turkeys could drop from about $35 to $20 a gallon. Peanut oil also could be on sale at hardware stores selling equipment for frying turkeys.

Click here for the full list of grocery sales.

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