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Fall’s cold weather finally hits D.C.

Kathy Stewart, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Autumn is in the air but so is the chilly weather that comes with it.

The temperature dropped at least 25 degrees overnight in the D.C. Area. But those who love the outdoors welcome the change.

“Actually, I’m fine with the temperature drop cause when you’re getting out there and on the water and competing and sculling, it keeps you cool.” says Graham Strong, who was preparing to hit the water in his sculling boat at the Thompson Boathouse in Georgetown Sunday.

Temperatures this time of the year are normally in the 70s, says Ron Riley with the ABC/7 Weather Center.

Friday and Saturday temperatures reached into the 80s before dropping suddenly Saturday evening.

“It’s wonderful,” says Jim Bragale, an avid runner from Bethesda. “It’s great running temperatures because I can really go faster instead of in the summer.”

He admits to adjusting his running wardrobe a bit. “Some gloves because my hands were getting a little cold, long sleeve shirt and always shorts,” says Bragale.

Walter Pukala is visiting from Chicago. Sunday morning he was jogging along the Georgetown waterfront.

“I love it,” says Pukala of the cooler temps. But even he admits he was underdressed for the weather. “I should have worn a sweater, but I’m doing fine,” says Pukala.

Sherry Kelly, who lives in Northwest D.C., was out walking her dog along the waterfront, enjoying the change in the weather.

“I love it. I love cold weather, I’m from upstate New York,” Kelly says. Even her dog loves the cooler weather. “If you were talking to my dog, she would say, ‘Yes it’s here! I love this weather. Cold, cold, cold’.”

Temperatures Monday are expected to stay in the 50s for Columbus Day, and to be in the 60s or near 70 for the rest of the week. Showers are likely Monday and Tuesday.

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