D.C. amendments to decide process for convicted elected officials

Max Smith, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – This election, voters in the District will decide on three amendments that would create a process for removing elected officials who break the law.

  • Proposed amendment five would allow the D.C. Council to expel one of its members on a five-sixths vote if a councilmember fails to meet the highest standards of conduct.
  • Proposed charter amendment six would remove from office any councilmember convicted of a felony and prohibit the councilmember from running in the future.
  • Proposed amendment seven would remove from office a mayor convicted of a felony and prohibit the mayor from running for office again.

The amendments – along with the Special Election for the Council Chair vacated by Kwame Brown – will be on the back of the ballot.

See a copy of the ballot below:

D.C. Ballot

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