Whining in the workplace a perpetual problem (VIDEO)

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WASHINGTON – It’s Monday morning. Brace yourself. The whining is coming.

A new Gallup poll of 31,265 employees shows 18 percent of U.S. employees are actively disengaged at work and are likely to complain about their employers. But the constant griping can darken moods and make the person who has to listen feel wronged.

Constant griping can lead to lower productivity and higher absenteeism.

The Wall Street Journal reports one employer decided to do something about it.

Tom Pace, chief executive officer of PaceButler, a company that buys old cellphones, decided to offer a cash incentive to employees who kept their grievances to themselves. If they could make it a week without a whine, they were entered into a $500 drawing.

Another boss asked a sales manager what she was going to do about the problems about which she complained. The solution she came up with involved reducing her travel and hiring someone to help her. Her sales ended up increasing, and she was happier because she could spend more time with her family.

Check out the video below about the method Tom Pace of PaceButler uses to kill workplace whining.

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