To buy or not to buy: Dollar store deals

WASHINGTON – Does a dollar make you holler?

Dollar stores have become all the rage in recent years, and the products available have grown to include anything from napkins to clothes to produce. But are they always worth it?

No, says MSN Money. While disposable items may be a great deal, sometimes better bargains can be found at big box stores, especially when there are sales or if you have coupons.

Batteries, electronics, toys, name-brand food and clothing can all be better deals in the long run at large retailers, including Wal-Mart and Target.

Dollar stores can save you can on some items:

  • Paintbrushes, tape and garden seeds and other gardening and home repair items.
  • Children’s books.
  • Kitchenware — spatulas, glasses and serving trays.
  • Holiday decorations and cards.
  • Paper plates, napkins and party decorations.

WTOP’s Veronica Robinson contributed to this report. Follow Veronica and WTOP on Twitter.

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