Buying groceries at food auction can save money

Randi Martin,

WASHINGTON – It’s a growing trend in the D.C. area and it can cut grocery bills in half.

It’s a food auction, where shoppers can buy in bulk or pick up a single item for far less than the local markets.

“A full size DiGiorno pizza loaded with meat, $3, you can get a 12 pound deli ham for $18,” says Kathy Allen, who runs Wishing Rock Auction in Anne Arundel County.

She says because of the economic downturn she has seen many repeat customers and a lot of new faces.

The food comes from a food distributor or supermarkets.

Items sold may be slightly dented, overstocked, discontinued or the packaging has changed.

Sell by dates may be close so stores have cleaned off the shelves but Allen says the food is good.

Products such as pizza, cereal, hot dogs, paper goods, ice cream, meat, and frozen vegtables are all part of the monthly auctions.

“Folks come with coolers,” she says. “And as we put it, we take cash and good checks.” Food auctions are just held in nine states, with Maryland and Pennsylvania included. Some Maryland locations are:

  • Wishing Rock Auctions in Pasadena
  • Chesapeake Marketplace in St Leonard
  • Stouffers Auction in Hagerstown

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