60-year-old mother takes on ‘Gangnam Style’ (VIDEO)

Gangnam Style in the living room. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

WASHINGTON – Who says moms can’t be up on the latest trends? As “Gangnam Style” takes the world by force, there’s no reason those in their golden years can’t be on board.

Dancer Mike Song, known for his YouTube tutorial videos of flowy pop-and-lock interpretations on dubstep hits, has brought his mom along for this one. Capitalizing on the Korean “K-Pop” hit “Gangnam Style” by PSY, the Songs perform a cross-generational rendition.

“My mom will battle your mom,” Song writes on his YouTube page.

“This is the first thing I have ever taught my mom,” he says. “She is 60 and has some serious natural talent.”

The original Gangnam Style video has garnered over 117 million hits on YouTube. Song’s version isn’t too far behind with almost 2 million by Friday morning, just two days after uploading it.

Check out the performance:

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