ZenniOptical.com: Prescription glasses from $6.95

ZenniOptical.com helps you save money on prescription glasses. Prices start at $6.95.

Lacey Mason, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – A new school year is on the horizon for kids, college students and teachers. That means it’s time to shell out cash for new sneakers, textbooks and pencils.

But what about glasses? While some eye care facilities boast deals like “Two for $69,” the actual cost is significantly higher when anti-reflective glare, scratch resistance coatings, better-quality lenses and style preferences are taken into account. Plus, for families with multiple glasses-wearers, more prescriptions are needed.

And, if you’re a forgetful klutz like me, the cost of losing and breaking glasses adds up.

Well, hold-on to your horn-rims because today’s Website of the Week may offer a solution.

Zenni Optical, an online prescription eyeglass store, offers complete pairs of glasses ranging in price from $6.95 to $49.

All glasses come standard with anti-scratch coating and a protective case.

There are a few items that cost extra, but even those prices are less than those at most chain stores. Shipping costs $4.95 for an entire order.

My last order was less than $70 for three pairs. Due to indecision and a tendency to lose things, I’ve owned five pairs of Zenni glasses.

To find out what your glasses will look like, you can virtually try on glasses by uploading a photo or using a variety of stock images of all genders, ages, complexions and face shapes.

From there, you’re ready to start trying on.

To order, you’ll want to obtain your prescription from your doctor. In addition to the strengths needed for each eye, make sure the doctor includes your pupillary distance (PD). This important measurement is the distance between the center of your pupils when looking straight on. If need be, you also can measure your PD yourself by printing out this handy ruler.

Glasses are delivered to your door within two weeks.

Check out the slideshow above and to the right to see screenshots from the upload and try-on process, as well as photos of actual glasses ordered from the site.

All in all, whether you’re strapped for cash, tend to lose things or just want a cheap way to spice up your wardrobe, Zenni Optical has something for everyone.

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