Red Cross app offers help in severe weather

Hurricane app helps users stay safe

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 11:47 am

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WASHINGTON – A new smartphone app from the Red Cross monitors storms and helps users tell friends and family they’re OK in the event of a severe weather emergency.

The Hurricane App monitors conditions in the user’s local area and gives personalized information about weather where friends and family live. It also gives locations of Red Cross shelters and, in case the power is out, allows users to let family members know they’re safe with just one click.

The app also offers preloaded plans and checklists to help users prepare for and react to severe weather. Information is loaded to the phone itself, so if connectivity is lost the app is still accessible.

To get the app text “**REDCROSS” from a mobile phone or download it from iTunes or Google Play.

Here’s more information.

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