List: Where D.C.’s ‘frattiest’ residents go to drink

Welcome to McFadden\'s where, according to this list, it\'s about to get douchey. (Photo courtesy Google Maps)

WASHINGTON – Overachievers, frat guys, dude-bros, jocks or douchebags.

There are many ways to describe a particular brand of D.C. resident, which inspires some to come to the District in the first place while others dodge them like the plague.

Whether to find or avoid them, it’s important to know where they dwell. has compiled a list of the city’s 25 “douchiest” bars.

At least one champ embraces the title.

“If having fun and partying is being a douchebag, then we’re all for it,” says Jeff Kozlowski, manager of McFadden’s. The “Restaurant & Saloon” took first place on the list. “If you’re looking for a place where no one is going to judge you and you can have a good time and party, McFadden’s is a great place to be.”

Kozlowski finds fault with’s appraisal of a singular kind of client, pointing to the diversity of the venues. Red Room at The Black Cat performance venue is housed in the hipster-urbanite U Street corridor. That bar, seeded 23rd, is very different than the collegiate atmosphere of McFadden’s adjacent to the GWU campus.

All but three of the bars are in Northwest, located primarily in built-up commercial districts such as Dupont Circle, Chinatown and Georgetown.

“In my opinion, it’s a list of the 25 best watering holes in D.C.,” Kozlowski says. “That list as a whole is a diverse group. (The author) must not have liked people in D.C.”

Check out the top 10:

  • McFadden’s (2401 Penn. Ave. NW)
  • Rumors (1900 M St. NW)
  • Smith Point (1338 Wisc. Ave. NW)
  • Lucky Bar (1221 Conn. Ave. NW)
  • Grand Central (2447 18th St. NW)
  • Town Hall (2340 Wisc. Ave. NW)
  • Mad Hatter (1319 Conn. Ave. NW)
  • George (3251 Prospect St. NW)
  • Recessions (1823 L St. NW)
  • Public Bar (1214 18th St. NW)

And the complete list here.

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