How to handle a Facebook breakup

WASHINGTON – Breaking up can be hard to do, even if it’s just on Facebook. Rejection and betrayal still sting when you’ve been unfriended on the social network, but there are ways to deal with the pain.

Gizmodo has a few tips for handling a digital breakup.

First, consider that you might be really annoying on Facebook. Do you post too much or tag people in unflattering photos? Not everyone likes it when you do that, so think before you post.

But what if your posts are hilarious and enlightening? If you still get unfriended, consider that it might not actually matter. How close were you with that person anyway?

If you feel like a fight, call them out on Facebook, Gizmodo says.

“This part is fun,” the website says. “If you’re not really worried what these people think about you, publicly expose what they truly are-cruel.”

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