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Do’s and Don’ts for men before baring your feet in flip-flops

Flip-flops are part of the uniform of summer, but they might be killer on feet. (AP/Andre Penner)

WASHINGTON – The uniform of the summer most always includes flip-flops.

But when wearing the standard foot wear, there are some rules to follow. has compiled a list of things that men should be doing to prepare for showing their feet in the light of day.

  • Clip and scrub your feet since they will be on display to total strangers.
  • Find flip-flops that fit properly. There is nothing more annoying than the slap-slap of a pair of oversized flip-flops. The rule when it comes to sizing: They should extend just past your heel.
  • Flip-flops should really be replaced every summer. Cheap pairs can really break down with repeated wear and sun exposure.
  • Extend the life of a pair of flip-flops by cleaning them with a damp cloth after each use.

For a list of flip-flop “Don’ts” follow this link to

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