Teleworking could cost you a raise or promotion

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Max Smith,

WASHINGTON – If you’re looking for a raise or a promotion, it turns out showing up may be half the battle.

Researchers say in MIT’s Sloan Management Review just being seen in the office during normal business hours often leads to your boss and co-workers subconsciously rating employees as “responsible” and “dependable.”

Being seen in the office and available after hours leads to ratings of “committed” and “dedicated.

That can give in-office workers an edge over teleworkers if raises and promotions are given based on things such as teamwork and leadership.

Teleworkers tell the researchers they try to get around that by sending regular status reports at all hours of the day, making themselves extra visible when they are in the office and by responding immediately to calls and emails.

One other trick a worker told the researchers for the 2010 study was to get co- workers to say good things to the boss.

“I try to make sure that my peers and the other directors know who I am. I make sure they know my name and what I’m doing … The more they see me, the more they are going to remember me when it comes time for my appraisal. And they are likely to say a positive thing about me and talk about me to my supervisor.”

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