Lingerie company offers a bra for your face

(Courtesy of Face Bra)

WASHINGTON – Advertising agencies are hired to come up with attractive hooks to get customers to buy products.

But would you buy a Face-Bra?

To generate a buzz for its lingerie client, German ad agency Interone came up with the Face Bra, Huffington Post reports.

To be clear, the Face Bra isn’t for joggers to steady their cheeks while out jogging, and it doesn’t keep double chins from bouncing while using stairs.

Instead, the Face Bra is a black, frilly and lacy sleep mask designed to look like a miniature brassiere and help insomniacs sleep. It’s touted as a way to guarantee erotic dreams, Ad Week reports.

The tagline for the product, initially meant to be promotional before it gained traction, is “Sweet Dreams.”

The lingerie company, Beate Uhse liked it so much it kept it on after the promotion.

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