How are you getting Olympic results?

Tarek Ayad of Egypt, left, and Anas Mostafa of Egypt compete during men\'s individual foil fencing competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Tuesday, July 31, 2012, in London. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Are you avoiding social media and your high-tech gadgets so you can enjoy the Olympics later? How do you do it? Or, do you like getting the results as soon they come in? Post a comment in this story, comment on WTOP’s Facebook Page or use #WTOPTalkback or #WTOP on Twitter.

WASHINGTON – It’s hard to avoid the latest Olympic results, which are live- streamed by NBC throughout the day, and are reported in rapid-fire fashion on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

But a lot of people are going cold turkey.

They’re avoiding computers and not checking their smartphones for hours at a time. That’s so they can watch the Olympics on television, when they want to.

The number of TV viewers over the weekend for NBC was the largest opening weekend for any summer games on record — 35.8 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper points out that social media has exploded since the last summer games in 2008.

That year, Twitter had about 300,000 tweets a day. Now it’s 400 million.

Facebook had close to 100 million users in the summer of 2008. It’s now more than 900 million.

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