Frederick cracks down on skateboarders, trick cyclists

David Burd,

FREDERICK, Md. – The City of Frederick has spent a considerable amount of money rebuilding and turning the Carroll Creek Park section of downtown into a tourist mecca, but residents have complained about skateboarders and trick bicyclists making the area dangerous for walkers.

Police Chief Kim Dine says officers will crack down on this quality of life issue.

Dine says that riding a bike is not illegal, but doing tricks on one is. It is not only illegal, but damages buildings and the infrastructure of some of them that are historical.

Here are the guidelines skateboarders and bicyclists will have to follow:

  • Skateboards are prohibited on the sidewalks of the downtown area and along the Carroll Creek Park.
  • Bicycles are permitted along Carroll Creek, except during special events.
  • Only bicyclists 10 and younger can ride on the sidewalks of downtown Frederick.
  • All bicyclists along the Carroll Creek Park must ride responsibly and in accordance with all municipal and state laws.
  • Any type of stunt, trick or dangerous riding is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to fines.
  • Minors caught skateboarding in the downtown area, including Carroll Creek Park, will have their skateboards taken and their parents will have to come in to claim them. That’s when a warning will be issued. A second violation will mean a $100 fine.

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