Childhood may never be the same with ‘Dark Knight’ parody

Lacey Mason,

WASHINGTON – Parodies of movie trailers are nothing new, and parodies for “The Dark Knight Rises” haven’t been in short supply.

But only one has been deemed “pretty epic” by director Christopher Nolan.

Crave Online’s Brad Hansen took the original soundtrack for the full “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer and synced it with clips from Disney’s 1994 “The Lion King,” to create a new movie that we only wish were real.

Commenters on YouTube seem to approve.

“Childhood improved,” says user 23ovoxo.

Redsoxdude0407ML has another theory: “Why does this sync perfectly? Conspiracy.”

“James Earl Jones should have been the voice of Bane,” Drgonzo4appst8 said.

But, you can judge for yourself. Check out the “The Lion King Rises” trailer below – in theaters summer 1994.

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