Survey: Dating a co-worker not uncommon

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WASHINGTON – Dating a co-worker isn’t taboo for many Americans.

A recent CareerBuilder survey finds 38 percent of all working Americans have engaged in some kind of relationship with a co-worker.

Thirty-one percent say their office romance led to marriage, and about 18 percent admit to dating a boss.

The top five industries for office romance are:

  • Hospitality (47 percent dated a co-worker)
  • Financial services (45 percent)
  • Transportation and utilities (43 percent)
  • Information technology (40 percent)
  • Health care (38 percent)

But dating a coworker wouldn’t fly at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee.

The department has a strict no-dating policy, meaning if you start dating, you have to leave the force, reports.

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