Mr. Rogers homage in ‘Garden of your Mind’ remix (VIDEO)

\'\'Let\'s feed the fish\'\' and \'\'Speedy delivery!\'\' are among the lines familiar to any fan. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

WASHINGTON – Everyone’s favorite neighbor is back, with a little 21st-century mash-up flavor.

PBS Digital Studios has released a remix from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” featuring the eponymous host, called “Garden of Your Mind.” It captures a classic lesson from Fred Rogers’ show aimed at helping children understand the world around them.

“When we discovered video mash-up artist John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, on YouTube, we immediately wanted to work together,” according to the PBS YouTube page. “Turns out that he is a huge Mister Rogers Neighborhood fan, and was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes.”

Soft-spoken Fred McFeely Rogers became a staple of countless children’s upbringings after first launching his show on PBS in the late 1960s, which continued through 2001, just two years before he died at age 71.

Check out the video here:

Rogers was instrumental in advocating for public television, and testified before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Communication in 1969 to bolster funding for PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Check out this footage as he wins over a seemingly indifferent John Orlando Pastore, then-senator and chairman of the committee:

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