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Frozen yogurt can be no healthier than ice cream

Frozen yogurt shops may have many fruit toppings available, but usually the large servings have just as many calories as ice cream. (Courtesy University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire)

WASHINGTON – When the weather heats up, many opt for frozen yogurt instead of ice cream in an effort to eat healthier.

Not so fast.

Frozen yogurt can be no healthier than ice cream.

Nutrition expert and registered dietician Samantha Heller notes that with large servings and left to their own devices, most snackers dish up a portion with as much sugar as a candy bar.

Additionally, the probiotic standard for frozen yogurt represents a 10-fold decrease from the standard for regular yogurt.

However, yogurt does have less fat than ice cream. While on Dr. Oz’s television show, Heller said yogurt typically has about 2 to 4 percent fat, while ice cream has about 10 to 12 percent fat. When it comes to frozen desserts, something with three grams or less of fat per half-cup serving is recommended.

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