Don’t dress down at the office

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WASHINGTON – Should higher summer temperatures outside translate into more skin when you are in the office?

Fashion etiquette experts recommend employees not fall into the trap of “dressing down” for summer.

The handbook “What to Wear, Where” says instead of stripping down to tank tops and halter tops in the office, employees should consider investing in blazers with light fabrics such linen or cotton blends.

Just as bad as too much skin in the office is too much perfume, according to Shine from Yahoo‘s fashion and beauty editor, who consulted the handbook, as well as beauty experts.

Other no-nos include night-club shoes, anything wrinkled and ill-fitting suits. Buy a suit so it fits the largest body part, then have the rest tailored.

Another office “don’t” is chipped nail polish. Have polish remover on hand at work to erase that mistake.

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