Your age affects what turns you on

Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON – What gets you in the mood for sex changes as you age.

For young adults between 18 and 34, their biggest turn-on is a sexy text, email or phone call.

A new survey by Fitness Magazine and Yahoo! Shine shows while younger people find what what happens on their smartphone an aphrodisiac, those between 35 and 64 prefer some wine and dinner.

The survey says 64 percent of adults report having sex one to three times a week, and 50 percent of women wish it were more.

Yeah, 60 percent of guys do, too.

Other romantic mood inducers include watching a sexy movie or invigorating exercise.

Actual talking apparently works well with women, too, with “I love you” and “You are so hot” topping the list of romantic cues.

So what puts you in the mood?

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