Skydiver becomes first to land without parachute (VIDEOS)

Connery flared up just second before he landed to slow himself down. (Photo courtesy Sky News)

WASHINGTON – Who really needs a parachute after falling from a half mile up in the sky? Certainly not Gary Connery.

The 42-year-old became the first skydiver to successfully land without a parachute, after his recent flight from 2,400 feet over Oxfordshire, England. All he had to cushion his fall was a specially-designed “wing suit” and 18,600 stacked cardboard boxes.

The entire flight took less than a minute, before he approached his makeshift runway. Connery’s strategy of “flaring up” just a few instants before he hit the ground worked perfectly, he told the Telegraph, thanks to ideal weather conditions and his parachuting experience.

Check out these different angles of the flight, including the view from his cameraman:

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