It’s raining bears in Colo. – They’re just falling out of the trees

WASHINGTON – A stubborn black bear required a multi-agency response in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Wednesday.

Steamboat Today reports the local police department and Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife were called out for a bear that had climbed a tree near an area school.

They planned to tranquilize the bear and break his fall from the tree with a tarp and then relocate it miles away, Steamboat Today reports.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Once tranquilized, the bear moved farther up the tree, wedged itself between branches and fell fast asleep.

They tried tying a rope around the bear’s ankle to lower it down, but the rope slipped.

That’s when the group decided to call the Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue.

Firefighters climbed a ladder to get the sleeping bear down from his perch.

Officials decided to keep the bear overnight and make sure he was in good condition before releasing him back into the wild.

To read the full story and watch video from Steamboat Springs Today, follow this link.

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