Firework lodges in man’s chest; bomb squad called

ST. PAUL, Minn. – A Minnesota man is in critical condition after surgeons removed an unexploded firework from his chest after taking advice from the bomb squad.

Anoka County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Lapham says 31-year-old Nick Beheng was launching fireworks from a hand-held mortar tube Saturday when one misfired. Lapham says the firework blew out of the bottom of the tube, directly into the 31-year-old man’s chest.

Beheng was rushed to St. Paul’s Regions Hospital where surgeons summoned the bomb squad to the operating room. Lapham says the doctors wanted advice on minimizing the risk as they removed the explosive.

The bomb squad disposed of the firework.

Lapham did not know the size of type of firework in the incident but warned that operating fireworks should be left to the professionals.

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