Chasing a pop fly … players tumble over wall together (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – It’s an all-too-familiar scene: Two baseball players run to catch a fly ball. Sometimes they grab it, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they even slam into the wall or tumble over it.

But have you ever seen two players go over the wall together?! It’s what happened in Corpus Christi, Tx., when a pair of minor league outfielders chased after a pop fly … only to fly over the wall together.

Outfielder Austin Wates, of the Corpus Christi Hooks, made the catch and he didn’t hurt himself or his teammate, Nick Barnes, in the process.

“We were both kind of tracking it and I heard someone in the bullpen scream ‘Fence!’ and someone else screamed ‘Jump!'” Wates told Greg Rajan of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times after the game.

“Instinctively, I did it. I knew I could catch it, but didn’t know how close the fence was. I ended up flipping over and kind of landed on Barnes and looked in my glove and I had (the ball).”

WTOP’s Megan Cloherty contributed to this report.

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