Air conditioner freezing up? Filter is the word

Replacing air conditioning filters regularly helps ensure you\'ll keep cool this summer. (Thinkstock)

Hank Silverberg,

WASHINGTON – It’s going to be a hot weekend. Does your air conditioning work?

This is the time to get the cooling unit checked out before the first big heat wave.

Darren Youngblood from Melron Cooling and Heating says he gets very busy, but has some advice.

“Filters, filters, filters. I mean you can’t say that enough,” says Youngblood. “Filters. Check your filters.”

The most common problem for the air conditioning freezing up is because of poor air flow from a bad filter.

Most filters need to be changed once a month while some are good for three months. They can cost as much as $15 or $20, but it’s a lot cheaper than calling Youngblood.

Filters can be found in most home improvement and hardware stores.

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