A nod to music history’s best whistlers (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – Thinking of more than just a few songs that contain whistling might be challenging for some, but not for the band Collective Cadenza (cdza), who is known for its viral videos.

Cdza’s lead whistler, Eric Rivera, works with bandmates Evan Shinners on the piano and Michael Thurber on the bass to combine only the whistling parts of 26 songs. The medley spans nearly a century of popular singles, and cdza fits it all into three minutes.

The Atlantic presented the video to its readers Tuesday.

It’s a bit like the game radio hosts play when they ask listeners to guess a song after only playing a clip. But to give viewers a hint, the original artist/whistler is listed in the bottom right of cdza’s video when each tune begins.

How these guys kept the tunes straight through the video is hard to tell.

WTOP’s Megan Cloherty contributed to this report.

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