Unusual luxury treatments for the monetarily insane

WASHINGTON – Some are taking luxury to a whole new level: Creepy.

Cracked.com has compiled a list of spa resorts around the world offering relaxation treatments that are beyond unconventional.

In Israel, those in need of a massage can stop at Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant farm for some relaxation. For $70, Barak will put live snakes on her customers’ bodies so they can enjoy the feeling of their slithering. Larger snakes focus on the back and belly while smaller ones take care of other areas — like the face.

For those who want more pressure from their massages, Thailand has just the thing. The Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai lets visitors lay face down while elephants step on their backs.

Others prefer to relax with a little alcohol and, at a spa in Japan, they can swim in it.

The Hakone Kowakien Yunnesun Hot Springs Amusement Park & Spa Resort has several pools filled with antioxidant rich spirits. Plus, visitors who swam too much the night before can take a coffee bath in the morning — seriously.

Check out the video below to see the luxurious elephant massage and see more odd spa treatments at cracked.com.

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