Smartphones offer added healthy motivation

This Men\'s Health Magazine app takes the user through a workout step-by-step and times the workout as well. (Courtesy of Androidapk)

WASHINGTON – Most consumers have heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that” in commercials. But in some cases the apps that offer healthy tips in a mobile form are really improving the health of their users.

Smartphone apps have been around for years and so have their avid followers. But the number of visits coming from mobile device users have increased five fold over the past two years, according to Everyday Health.

“The smartphone has made me more healthy as a person,” Sean Campbell said, crediting his smartphone for keeping him in shape.

“There’s a cycling app it compares your speed how high you climb I try to get faster times and higher distances.”

He says the phone adds to his healthy lifestyle by creating interactive, easy-to-find ways to challenge himself.

“It just motivates me I guess, to be more competitive, ya know? I try to get faster times, longer distances,” Campbell said.

There are apps for healthy eating that help users designate portion control, find restaurant calorie lists or plan meals for the week.

Alexandra Taylor says she uses her phone to help her put meals together, “Whatever I have to cook, I use it when I’m at the grocery store to look up what I need.”

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