Not shaken or stirred: Bond goes for a beer (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – The newest James Bond movie, “Skyfall” hits theaters this fall – and a change is brewing. Literally.

Heineken USA has teamed with the newest Bond flick as well as star Daniel Craig to create a commercial campaign including a scene where 007 foregoes his usual martini in favor of a Heineken.

The partnership is by no means an undercover operation either.

Heineken plans to add Bond’s image to packaging. The brand has had a 15-year partnership with 007 franchise, but this is the largest activation yet.

“The combination of the substance and style is going to be really powerful,” Lesya Lysyj, a chief marketing officer for Heineken, tells AdAge. Bond is the “epitome of the man of the world.”

Big changes will continue into 2013 when Heineken USA nixes its trademark short neck bottles in favor of long ones.

Take a look at the video compilation below featuring Bond ordering his trademark drink.

Lacey Mason contributed to this report

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