Music video goes viral for all the wrong reasons (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – A new music video has gone quickly viral — and for reasons reminiscent of Rebecca Black.

Lisa Gail Allred, a country singer songwriter from North Richland Hills, Texas posted a video for her song “3 Second Rule” to YouTube last week — and it didn’t take long to get noticed.

The video starts with Allred playing a teacher in a classroom of young men clad in white shirts and cowboy hats. Throughout the video the men dance in unison with and around Allred, who makes several costume changes throughout the performance.

The lyrics tell the story of keeping a man in line.

“In order to be a man, you gotta tow the line,

And as long as you’re able, we’ll do just fine.

Now my baby should only have eyes for me,

I know there’s sometimes there’s some girls you wanna see.

Well, that’s when my 3 second rule comes into play.

You can only look for 3 seconds then look away.”

On her Reverbnation profile, Allred is described as sounding like Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Faith Hill. Her bio says she’s been singing in choir since her school years and also has experience in piano.

Initially, Allred deleted the video, but it was quickly reposted by other accounts. It has since been added back to her YouTube account.

One commenter posted, “I recommend applying the 3 second rule to this video.”

Another said, “Doesn’t matter who hates it, including me. If you’re proud of it, if you love it, stand behind it. I can’t stand it but if Rebecca Black can handle the scrutiny, so can you. Now if only you told us which seconds come before and after 3.”

Not only has Allred’s video gone viral — but it’s already being covered by other musical artists. A UK band called “Actions” posted its own acoustic version.

Allred commented from her YouTube account, “Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know my producer called today told me to find you! We love it! Awesome!”

Check out the band’s interpretation below:

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