How well do you know your E-ZPass fees?

Dick Uliano,

Washington – E-ZPass has spread to 14 states, but it is not a one size fits all program.

Costs and fees vary from state to state and you can live in one state but sign up for E-ZPass pass in another.

The cost of the transponder ranges from free in Virginia with a $25 security deposit to $9 in Maryland for a standard, interior-mounted device and $33 for an exterior transponder. The device costs $35 in Pennsylvania, which requires a $6 annual fee.

Some states charge fees while others don’t.

If you make fewer than three transactions in a month, Maryland will slap you with a $1.50 monthly fee. Virginia is currently considering imposing a monthly fee of $1.

There are no monthly or annual fees in Delaware or New Hampshire.

But, it does get complicated. For example, while Maryland imposes fees for light use, Maryland customers also enjoy a 10 percent discount at most tolls in the state except on the Intercounty Connector.

West Virginia’s plan focuses on the routes you might travel most in the state, offering two different discount plans. Annual fees only apply for those who use the pass infrequently.

Make sure to check in the state where you drive the most for the best E-ZPass deal.

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