F**king residents want their town name changed

Photo courtesy ABC news

WASHINGTON – That their town sign keeps getting stolen isn’t the only reason residents of F*cking, Austria want the name of their town changed.

The prank calls, the endless jokes, the fact that they’re called F*ckingers — the list is pretty long. The residents of this small European village are fed up and now they’re trying to do something about it.

The town, pronounced “fooking,” is named after an old Bavarian nobleman, Focko, and 104 people call it home, reports ABC news.

The town first tried to change its name in 1996 when American servicemen in Germany were routinely driving across the border to take pictures of themselves in front of the sign. The vote didn’t pass, however, and some F*cking residents are trying again.

“When you order something from a catalog, for example, and you give the address, there’s snickering, always snickering,” Jo Lindlbauer, who runs the town’s only B&B, tells ABC.

In order to change the name, all 104 residents must agree. Which could be a problem.

“It is ridiculous. We don’t suffer because of the name,” a female resident says.

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