Caps fans urged to boycott Boston

Samuel Adams brand beer, based in Boston, is one of the products Caps fans are being urged to boycott. (Courtesy of Bowdoin College)

Nathan Hager,

WASHINGTON – It’s do-or-die time for the Washington Capitals as they face a decisive Game 7 Wednesday night against the defending champion Boston Bruins in Round 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

To show their support, fans of D.C.’s hockey team can do more than Rock the Red.

“Maybe we should boycott Boston businesses,” says Mike Holden, co-author of the Caps fan blog BrooksLaichyear.

In a recent blog post, Holden called on his fellow Caps fans to swear off products and businesses with ties to Beantown and replace them with something D.C.-centric.

A few examples:

  • Replace Boston-based Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with Mayorga, a brand headquartered in Rockville.
  • Put a cork in Samuel Adams beer, and replace it with suds from a local brewery like DC Brau.
  • The Staples office supply chain is based in Boston, so why not just avoid office work altogether? (All right, your boss may disapprove of that one.)
  • One more reason to grow out your playoff beard: razor-maker Gillette is based in Boston.

Since posting the idea on his blog after Game 6, Holden has received several other boycott suggestions.

“Someone said that means no ‘Cheers,'” Holden says, since the classic 1980s sitcom was set in a Boston bar. “I suggested that people watch ‘The West Wing’ instead, but then somebody pointed out that President Bartlet was from New England, so maybe he was a Bruins fan.”

No matter, since Capitals fans will be watching the game on Wednesday night anyway.

Win or lose, though, Holden says he’s impressed that the seventh-seeded Caps have kept the series as close as they have against the Bruins.

“Obviously I’d love for the Caps to win, but if they don’t, I’d like to come away with the feeling that they left it all out there on the ice,” Holden says.

BrooksLaichyear is taking more suggestions for Boston boycott ideas on the blog and via Twitter @brookslaichyear.

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