911 calls recount horror, panic after F-18 crash (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – Emergency calls just moments after a Navy F-18 slammed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Va. show the horror and panic residents felt before rescue workers got to the scene.

No one was killed in the incident last Friday. But recordings of the calls show residents urgently calling for emergency responders in the crash’s aftermath.

“We just had a jet explode … Get everybody out there!” one caller says.

Another caller tells a dispatcher the jet’s pilot has landed on her patio.

“And nobody’s here, and I keep calling and calling and there’s no ambulance,” the caller says.

Still another caller requests a fire truck, but could not verify there had been a plane crash.

“I don’t know, I’m at home, I’m not going to run way over there across that field just to see!” the caller tells a dispatcher.

Listen to the recordings below:

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