Unseasonably warm weather can bring problems

People enjoy the warm weather near the Washington Monument . (AP)

WASHINGTON – Forecasters say it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend and many may decide to enjoy the warm weather by going out for a jog or another form of exercise.

But with unseasonable warmth can come unseasonable problems.

That’s because people aren’t used to the warmer weather.

“That’s a set-up for danger,” says Dr. Gary Little, medical director at George Washington University Hospital.

“Whatever you’re used to doing, scale it back, maybe do 50 to 75 percent of what you normally do.”

Another word of caution: Don’t forget to hydrate.

“People may not start to hydrate until they feel thirsty or feel a little dehydrated, and a little dizzy, and often times that’s a bit too late,” he says.

Children are especially vulnerable to dehydration, Little says.

“We like to say in medicine that kids are not just small adults, that their bodies actually behave differently. Parents really have to take the initiative and make sure that they force the kids to drink some water as they play.”

Little also warns this weekend could be a double-whammy: heat and pollen. He suggests those with allergies take allergy medications a half hour before heading outside. If children have symptoms while they’re outside, don’t risk it, Little says. Take them inside.

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