Top 10 tastiest fast foods from abroad

The McSpicy Paneer is offers deep-fried cheese on a bun but it\'s only available in India. (Courtesy of McDonalds)

WASHINGTON – From the cheesy to the chocolaty, this grandiose grub may call for a trip abroad.

Trip planning site released a top 10 list of the tastiest fast foods shockingly absent from American quick-dining menus.

For those craving a dinner with zip, McDonald’s in India offers the McSpicy Paneer – deep-fried cheese on a bun. And the best part? They deliver.

KFC in China offers diners a breakfast menu surprisingly absent of chicken.

“Although we’re not so sure we could eat a steaming bowl of KFC-style Congee (rice porridge with pork, pickles, mushrooms, and preserved egg) at 6:00 a.m., we could get behind the side order of Youtiao (fried dough sticks) that comes with it,” said.

Sometimes, doughnuts are just too vegetarian. Luckily, in China, meat meets sweet for Dunkin’ Donuts’ patrons. They can enjoy a Curry Beef flavored pastry with their morning coffee.

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