Fairfax County schools to have snow days in June

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Fairfax County Public schools are planning on having two snow days yet this year – and they’ll be in June.

Normally, Fairfax County schedules 183 days and assumes at least three will be lost to bad weather, says superintendent Jack Dale.

“This year we only used one, ” Dale says. “So we are looking at the other two days and saying we probably don’t have to have the students come to school.”

The last day of school is currently scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 but if the board decides to cut classes early, the final day will fall on Friday, June 15. Staff, however, will still need to report for duty through the original date.

Though the plan was introduced in March it will likely be adopted at the next school board meeting in April.

“The reason that we timed it this way is because when this first came up we were still in March,” Dale says. “And sometimes in March we still actually have snow.”

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