Facebook bans puppy mill ads

A dog from an Arkansas puppy mill arrives at the Washington Animal Rescue League in December 2011. (WTOP/Kate Ryan)

WASHINGTON- The ASPCA began to prepare to launch a campaign against the social media giant but found Facebook was on its side of the issue, according to ABC News.

The advocacy group announced a partnership, also including Oodle.com which powers the Facebook marketplaces that will filter out the ads for puppy mills.

The announcement comes during National Puppy Month but holds a wider-meaning say animal rights activists, who have been fighting the issue of puppy mill advertising for years.

The problem, according to the ABC.com article, is breeders who sell puppies online fall in a loophole in the federal law leaving them unregulated.

The Animal Welfare Act exempts people who sell directly to the public.

Banning the ads on Facebook’s marketplace is not an easy task, reports ABC, because ads from shelters, rescue organizations and responsible breeders can easily, and unfairly be filtered out of the system.

More than 10,000 puppy mill ads have already come down according to Facebook, which expects that number to grow.

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