Day camp, surgery: What counts as a tax write-off

Taxpayers who wear uniforms for work, or for a non-profit group, can deduct dry cleaning expenses. (Courtesy of National Park Service)

WASHINGTON – The calender is getting closer and closer to the April 17 tax deadline, and taxpayers are trying to figure out what they can and cannot deduct.

For those who work two jobs, tax experts say they can consider deducting the expense of getting from one job site to another.

Employees who wear uniforms can deduct dry cleaning costs. Even travel for client visits or out of office meetings can be claimed as a deduction, according to

Sleep away camp is not deductible but sending a child to day camp during the hours the taxpayer works could qualify for a write-off under the child and dependent care tax credit.

Cosmetic surgery is deductible, if it is done for medical reasons.

Business-related long distance charges also fall under the category of legal write-offs.

And although some have tried, taxpayers cannot claim their pets as dependents.

The Internal Revenue Service offers a frequently asked tax questions list on its website.

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