Could the Redskins make a big splash with new uniforms?

Nike makes the very distinct uniforms for the University of Oregon. (AP File Photo)

WASHINGTON – The Redskins have been busy remaking their roster this off season. But there’s a chance the team may also make a splash this season with some new uniforms.

On April 3, Nike will show off its new NFL uniforms. Nike takes over the league contract from Reebok.

Nike is known for making the University of Oregon’s outlandish uniforms – leaving many to wonder what to expect.

Fan mock-ups of the uniforms show the Redskins with a very drastic design change, with feathers on the helmet and sleeves — very similar to the uniforms for the Oregon Ducks.

The Redskins have hinted a throwback uniform could be a possibility, because of the team’s 80th anniversary.

Some pro teams, like the Seahawks, are planning on a revised look, but Nike has said it will “respect traditions.”

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