Va. Supreme Court allows redistricting lawsuit to continue

WASHINGTON – The Virginia Supreme Court has thrown a hurdle into the process of redistricting in the General Assembly.

The court ruled Tuesday to allow a suit challenging the authority of the General Assembly to draw new Congressional lines to move forward.

“The elected representatives of the citizens of Virginia have passed a redistricting plan through the legislative process,” said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, “and we will continue to seek to protect the result of that process.”

Cuccinelli asked the Supreme Court to declare that the Richmond City Circuit Court could not pass a law telling the General Assembly that it must redistrict in 2011.

“If this is not done, Congressional primaries currently scheduled for June may be disrupted if the new district lines are not approved by the federal government within the short time frame remaining,” Cuccinelli said.

Under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, any redistricting plan must be cleared with the Justice Department.


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